How can I purchase a film from the One World Festival?

You can buy films on the www.oneworldonline.cz website. Each film is purchased separately. After clicking on a film to view the details, click on the button “Buy for xxx Kč”. You can buy films only after you register on the website.

Can I view films from abroad?

The films are accessible for viewing only in the Czech Republic.

Can I watch a purchased film at any time?

After you purchase a film, you can watch it at any time during the next 48 hours.

Can I rate a film online?

Yes. After watching a film, you can rate it with one to five stars based on how you liked it.

Is it possible to watch films from One World 2023 online?

20 films from One World 2023 were available online for watching for 14 days after the festival had ended in cinemas. But it didn't stop there! Right now, you can see 3 films from the last edition of the festival and we are preparing to add more films during this year.